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A+ Better Nursing Education Center

A+ Better Nursing Education Center is an American Heart Association with an official CPR Certification Training Site Faculty. We offer excellent assistance to the South Florida area with one-on-one or group classes for obtaining or renewing CPR certifications.

With us, you can obtain certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED Training, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). We also offer classes for continued education credits with CE Broker.

Our classes will match your personal or group needs in a versatile environment fitted with the latest technology available. You can train at our facilities or we can come to your facilities, bringing special manikin devices designed to improve training times. Most importantly, you and your staff will be able to train onsite for a more versatile approach, rather than traveling to our facilities.

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American Heart Association Classes Available
Why A+ Better Nursing Education Center?

On-site Training

Your staff doesn’t need to travel to our facilities. We can teach on-site courses at your facility!

Flexible Schedule

We offer daily and weekend classes to match your availability. We will try to accommodate you and your staff as best as possible.

Personalized Classes

Whether through one-on-one or group classes, we offer personalized teachings in a stress-free environment.

Instant Exam Results

After you take the exam, we provide the results instantly and give you your provider card on the same day. You won’t need to reschedule other appointments because there’s no waiting time with us!

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