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A+ Better Nursing Education Center Class Policy


When a client needs to reschedule a one-on-one or group class, they will do so via email or phone within 48 hours before the scheduled class. There are no additional fees attached. If a client reschedules a class at our facilities, then we will add a 25% No-Show or Cancelation fee to the Invoice, which you will pay before the rescheduled class. If a client reschedules a class at their facilities within the 48 hours timeframe, we will apply a $99 cancellation fee. Lastly, the client will pay the full cost of the course, as stated in the pricing quote we provide, if the instructor cannot access the premises of the client’s facilities.

Emergency Cancellation

A+ Better Nursing Education Center is within its right to cancel any scheduled class due to various emergency circumstances that may appear. We will reschedule the dates for these classes and notify the client of the cancellation in due time. However, we are NOT responsible for financial losses incurred by the client regarding classes that we cancel for emergency reasons.

Course Attendance

To receive official certifications, we require all participants to attend the full courses and complete their given requirements. If a client arrives late or doesn’t attend for the full duration of the course, they will not be eligible for a certification card or refund for that course. Participants who want to receive a certification are REQUIRED to sign-in on the class roster. Lastly, class participants may not bring unregistered third parties to the classes unless they have reached an agreement with A+ Better Nursing Education Center about this.


For all classes, the invoices will be made according to the pricing quote provided to the client by A+ Better Nursing Education Center. We require full payment for all classes within 5 days of the issued invoice. Clients with outstanding invoices may not be guaranteed a spot in classes unless they have reached an understanding with Us.