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Fingerprinting Services Hallandale Beach

Fingerprinting Services - Hallandale Beach
Are you looking for Fingerprinting Services in Hallandale Beach?

Did you apply for a post and they’re asking you for a background check? Or maybe you’re a business owner who’s currently hiring and you want background checks on your employees? A+ Better Nursing Education Center has the best live-scan fingerprinting technology in Hallandale Beach. We put the “B” in a biometric investigation in these parts, so feel free to contact us!

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What Is Live-Scan Fingerprinting?

Biometric investigations are part of an in-depth assessment process put together to analyze an individual’s capacity to assume certain responsibilities as part of an organization. The employment post could be a security guard, a bodyguard, a licensed professional, and more. You need a background check to ascertain whether an individual fits the job description and doesn’t pose a risk to your business.

That’s where live-scan fingerprinting becomes essential. This process scans an individual’s fingerprints in real-time. We then send these fingerprint photos to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) who then consults with the national databases. They identify the individual based on their fingerprints and pull out any relevant information such as:

  • Criminal records
  • Credit history
  • Past employment
  • Education
  • Motor vehicle record checks
  • License record checks

Through live-scan fingerprinting, you’ll have access to these things in a couple of days. Depending on how fast the FDLE work, you may receive the required information even faster.

Is Live-Scan Fingerprinting Expensive in Hallandale Beach?

While live-scan fingerprinting may seem like futuristic technology, we assure you it’s not. It’s already been in use for some time, and the costs associated with the technology are not that high. A+ Better Nursing Education Center has some of the most competitive prices in Florida, so if you’re looking for background checks, give us a call and we’ll give you a superb package!

The primary fee is government-controlled and it has to do with your application type. It varies between $37.25 and $61.25. Then, there’s a location-specific fee issued by the service provider, and it varied between $30 to $40. In total, you could be looking at a maximum fee of around $100 per live-scan fingerprinting session. But in all likelihood, it’ll be less expensive than that.

We accept individual requests as well as group requests. If you need background checks on several employees, we can do that too. It’s even more efficient to do group fingerprinting sessions because it takes less time to receive all the results than for individual requests.

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Do you need live-scan fingerprinting services in Hallandale Beach? Then we can help you with cutting-edge biometric technology and experts who are at your disposal. Our services are convenient, efficient, and very cost-effective. Most businesses want background checks done on their potential employees, which is why we’ve devised our price packages with that in mind.

Call us at (786) 571-8821 or make an online appointment through our online form for more information on our fingerprinting services! We’re available 24/7 for appointments and for answering questions about our services. So, feel free to contact us whenever you need to!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long are fingerprint scans valid in Miami?

Usually, any business will accept fingerprint scans that are at most 12 months old. Any longer than that and no one will accept them anymore. So, we suggest you undergo a fingerprint scanning session when you pass the interview for a job and they demand a biometric investigation. This type of background check is just a formality for most people and it’ll pass quickly.

One thing you should know is that organizations and businesses don’t pass background checks onto one another. So, if you quit a company that you’ve conducted a background check for, and you go work for another company, you’ll need another background check.

That’s just how things work!

  1. How far does an FBI background check look?

All live-scan fingerprinting background checks look at an individual’s entire life. They’ll find any bit of information from the moment you were born up until the present day. So, these background checks are extremely accurate and useful for determining the risk factor of a potential employee.

This is also why most businesses opt for live-scan fingerprinting background checks. Their accuracy and comprehensiveness are the best tool for assessing a worker’s potential performance, behavior, and attitude. But this also means that you can’t hide anything from your employer. They’ll see even the smallest misdemeanors from your past.

For most people, that’s not a problem because they’ve got nothing to hide. And for business owners, they know who to hire and based on what factors. Everyone stands to win from live-scan fingerprinting technology these days!


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