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Fingerprinting Services Miami Gardens

Fingerprinting Services - Miami Gardens
Are you looking for Fingerprinting Services in Miami Gardens?

A Type II Background Check could tell you more about your license applications or employees. This procedure can be done very efficiently through live-scan fingerprinting, and A+ Better Nursing Education Center offers top-tier biometric technology just for that! We’ve served the community of Miami Gardens with live-scan fingerprinting services for many years now, and our reputation recommends us.

To enlist our help with biometric identification, call us at (786) 571-8821 or make an online appointment!

Fast And Convenient Live-Scan Fingerprinting Services in Miami Gardens

When it comes to biometric identification and background checks, swiftness and convenience are key. Most of our clients are businesses or corporations looking to do background checks on their employees or license applications. With these types of clients, there’s no time to waste because that would mean wasted time and money. We understand that, and we’ve optimized our live-scan fingerprinting services for swiftness!

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to scan your fingerprints, so for a group of people, only a few hours are necessary. After this, we’ll send the fingerprint photos to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Then, they’ll examine the state databases (FBI included), based on your application type, to pull out the required data. This data includes criminal data, education, past employment, credit checks, and so on.

Then, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will direct this data to us. We’ll notify you that the background check has arrived, and you can come and pick it up. Or we can send it to you via email for more convenience. In any case, you’ll have the background checks on your employees in a few business days. We’ve experienced no delays in all the years we’ve performed live-scan fingerprint scanning!

Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Scanning Technology

Someone’s identity is immensely important to their livelihood, and our fingerprints can directly access that identity. Biometric background checks should only be carried out with the best technology on the market because of the inherent data sensitivity. A+ Better Nursing Education Center uses cutting-edge fingerprint scanning technology that’s fine-tuned for precision and swiftness.

We’re a company that respects your fingerprints and identity, and we wouldn’t do anything to put them into peril. When you need precision and accuracy in performing background checks on your employees/volunteers/license applicants, we’re the best there are! We’ll treat your fingerprints with the importance they deserve. After all, one mistake can lead to improper background results.

Even a small smudge on the fingerprint scans can ruin the entire background check, leading to a waste of time on your part. We won’t be responsible for that, which is why we employ trained technicians to operate our scanning technology. These experts will make sure everything is in order during the fingerprinting process. We have specialists overseeing every step of the process, including:

  • Fingerprinting procedure
  • Chain of custody
  • Records administration
  • Documentation

Nothing can go wrong at any point, and nothing will. A+ Better Nursing Education Center is the leading live-scan fingerprinting center in Miami Gardens, a reputation we want to preserve. That’s why we favor reliability, stability, rigorousness, and precision over anything else. If you want the best-fingerprinting services in Miami Gardens, contact us and we’ll help you!

Call us at (786) 571-8821 or make an online appointment for more information on our live-scan fingerprinting services in Miami Gardens!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find a Live Scan Fingerprinting provider near me in Florida?

If you live in Miami Gardens or anywhere else in Florida, we’re just a phone call away. And our physical location is not too far either. We’re located in North Miami Beach, at 753 NE 167th Street, FL 33162. No matter where you live in Florida, we’ll always be close to you.

You can make an appointment online or, if you’re close by, come in for a walk-in appointment. Our personnel will help you schedule a live-scan fingerprinting session for you or your employees. On that day, bring your employees over, and our technicians will scan their fingerprints for the Type II Background check.

We’ll then send the fingerprint scans to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and they’ll do the background check. When the results arrive, we’ll notify you so you can come to pick them up!

  1. How long does a live-scan fingerprinting session take?

Usually, a fingerprinting session takes about 20 minutes at A+ Better Nursing Education Center. This is the same for FBI background checks and all the other application types for biometric identification. Moreover, our prices are very competitive, so it’s money well spent for a background check that you need for your business.

What takes more time is getting the results from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. After we receive them, we’ll contact you to come and pick them up. That’s the easy part. But it may take a couple of days for the Florida Department to gather the data you need.


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