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Fingerprinting Services North Miami

Fingerprinting Services - North Miami
Are you looking for Fingerprinting Services in North Miami?

A+ Better Nursing Education Center offers live-scan fingerprinting services in North Miami, and we’re just a phone call away. Do you need quick background checks on your employees to build trust in your company? Our live-scan fingerprinting technology can help you run quick checks on your employees in a few minutes. The results will be directed to us by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and we’ll send them to you!

Call us at (786) 571-8821 or make an online appointment on our contact form for more information about live-scan fingerprinting!

How Fast Is Live-Scan Fingerprinting in North Miami?

It takes a few minutes to take a finger scan from someone. With multiple employees, it might take a few hours. We send the fingerprint analyses to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They check the databases of the FBI and other relevant government agencies, to extract the needed information. A background check includes many things, including a possible criminal past.

If you’re worried that your employees might not be what they seem, why not conduct a live-scan fingerprint? It’s cheap, it provides fast results, and it’ll solve your problem with no hassle. A+ Better Nursing Education Center offers around-the-clock fingerprinting services for professionals and business owners alike. Schedule an appointment at our center, bring your employees over, and we’ll scan their fingerprints double-fast!

We recommend using a specialized fingerprinting center like A+ Better Nursing Education Center because we use state-of-the-art live-scan technologies. They’re more the most accurate tools in scanning digital fingerprints we have access to. Moreover, we’re closer than you think in North Miami.

How Is Live-Scan Fingerprinting Better than a Regular Background Check?

You may ask yourself “What makes live-scan fingerprinting preferable to normal background checks?”. That’s a good question. Essentially, a live-scan fingerprinting procedure is:

  • Faster


  • More accurate

A regular background check requires ample time to check multiple documents, contact agencies, and gather personal information about a single person. Multiplied by the number of individuals you’d like to check, the effective turnaround time for the background results is very long.

A live-scan fingerprinting procedure uses the biometric signature data inscribed on our fingerprints (which is unique) to make the search more efficient. We send the fingerprint data to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and they cross-examine it with their databases. They receive the personal, professional, and criminal data of any individual in a matter of minutes.

Then, they send that data to us, and we give it to you. This takes a couple of days at most, even if there are more people you need us to check. You don’t need to wait for weeks to get your background checks. With live-scan fingerprinting, it won’t take more than a few days. Your business will be back on track, with a suite of new employees, as soon as possible.

Why Is A+ Better Nursing Education Center a Good Fingerprinting Choice?

In North Miami, there are only so many live-scan fingerprinting centers where you can get your biometric data checked. We use cutting-edge biometric technology to take digital pictures of your fingerprints. Then, we communicate with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement directly, and they access their databases for the background check. It’s all inter-connected and there’s no time delay.

Convenience, accuracy, and speed. These are the reasons you should choose A+ Better Nursing Education Center for live-scan fingerprinting. Schedule an appointment, drop by our center, and let our specialists fingerprint your employees, volunteers, or license applications. We also have competitive rates that you won’t find anywhere else in North Miami.

Our company has been serving the community of North Miami for many years, and we’ve built a stellar reputation over time. We’re reliable, quick, and efficient, and our clients understand that. If you need quick background checks through live-scan fingerprinting, A+ Better Nursing Education Center is your best bet!

Call us at (786) 571-8821 or make an online appointment on our contact form for more information about live-scan fingerprinting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you provide mobile fingerprinting services?

No, we don’t. We only provide live-scan fingerprinting at our physical location in North Miami Beach, at 753 NE 167th Street, FL 33162. We’d like you to schedule an appointment and tell us what you need. You can do this online or come to our center and make an appointment there. Then, we’ll agree on a day where your employees can undergo the live-scan fingerprinting!

  1. Are live-scan fingerprints expensive in North Miami?

A+ Better Nursing Education Center has the most competitive pricing packages for digital fingerprinting technologies. There are two fees associated with the fingerprinting technology in Florida:

  • A location fee ranging between $30 to $40
  • A government fee associated with your application type that can range between $37.25 and $61.25

These prices are more than accessible for a business owner looking to expand their employee base.


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